On Juggling

When I was about 10 or so I taught myself to juggle using my dad’s Juggling for the Complete Klutz book. At the time I just wanted to be able to juggle like my dad and didn’t realise how much fun and practical it would be. Quite aside from being a useful party trick and excellent time waster when shopping, standing in the kitchen or in another location close to three similarly weighted things, it’s a great relaxation and focusing device. When I’ve been sitting at the computer for many hours or reading a book or something similar I like to stand up, put on some music, and spend five or ten minutes juggling away. I’ve never meditated but I imagine the feeling is quite similar. The throwing and catching get very rhythmic and soon the repetitive action and the sound of the catches just blanks your mind. It’s great!! Perfect if you need something to take a quick break from some serious concentrating. Another benefit is that all you need is three balls/bags/oranges and not very much space (although I wouldn’t recommend trying this in the library).

If you can’t juggle then check out Juggling for the Complete Klutz and The Complete Juggler – both books which I have found very useful. Also have a look on the web: Juggling Information Service, Internet Juggling Database and the International Jugglers’ Organisation all seem to have good sites although I haven’t used them extensively myself.

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One Comment on “On Juggling”

  1. robodad Says:

    “…Complete Klutz” is the book that taught me, too.

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