Ways to relax without wasting time

When I’m not studying I find it waaaay too easy to “kill” my spare time by doing one of several things – playing stupid computer games, random internet browsing and watching daytime TV. Recently I’ve been making an effort to avoid those things and I’ve come up with a list of things I can do which are relaxing and fun but at the same time productive:
– read
– listen to podcasts
– write
– listen to music
– exercise

I think the key is to find something that doesn’t just use the time up but fills it. Obsessively checking e-mail and RSS feeds is not a time-using activity it’s a time-wasting activity.

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5 Comments on “Ways to relax without wasting time”

  1. I have a list of things, too. I don’t worry about being “productive”, though. My list is just of things I enjoy doing that use spare time in an enjoyable, and possibly useful, way.

    * Random, unplanned social time — drop in on a friend, call someone, with no agenda
    * Playing cards (with others) or doing logic puzzles
    * Walking, or riding a bike — with no agenda, once again
    * Music or reading — concentrate entirely on the activity and ignore external events
    * Share thoughts with others — by commenting on a page, emailing the author of an insightful post, writing a new blog post
    * Meditation or breathing exercises — of which the only purpose is to foce yourself to slow down.

    Hope this is useful (I’ll probably reuse some of the content in a future blog post.)

  2. Andrew – productive was probably the wrong word. Basically I just wanted a list of things I could do which weren’t just going to eat up time without actually achieving anything. Often after a one or two hour procrastination session on the internet I know no more than I did before hand, I haven’t done any work and for all the time I’ve wasted I have nothing to show for it. The stuff you’ve suggested fits right into that.

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  4. Dayna Says:

    Hello! I just thought I’d let you know in case you still check this blog that I’ve been scanning through your posts and they’re all very helpful. Young bloggers are so underrated! I’m also still in school, so your writing is appreciated and very helpful. 😛

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