Stumbles: Chumby

I stumbled across this new proto-type product on the net the other day and I think it’s just so wonderful that even though it’s not strictly related to student life I have to post it.

The Chumby has been described as a glorified alarm clock and I think that’s the best place to start with a description. It works as an alarm clock but also runs widgets which can gather information from the internet (via wi-fi), play MP3’s, access RSS feeds and e-mail and play flash animations and programs. You control the chumby by a squeeze mechanism hidden within the soft exterior.

According to the official website:

It’s designed to show pictures that your friends send you from their cellphones, and messages from your IM buddies, your blogs and social network sites. It can display your daily horoscope and the weather, and a whole community of artists and animators can send their creations around the chumby network to entertain you.

The best bit, however, is that the people who created it did what I wish more hardware manufacturers would do – create some really cool hardware and make it open so that users, having paid their money, can do what they like with it.

It’s not avaliable yet but they’re expecting a price of under US $150 and from what I’ve seen so far I’ll be picking one up when they become available.

Some interesting links:
Why the chumby was invented
A creators inside perspective
Home page
What is the chumby

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