Use your university’s resources

Todays tip is to use the resources your university offers. Most colleges/universities have two things on their websites and in the library/on campus: a study skills unit and a collection of books on studying and being a student. If you need help with your studies these guys are great to go to because, at least at my uni, there is a specific person for each faculty who can help you with your essay and exam techniques (not write the essay for you – just help). They know what the lecturers want and the standard of work expected so can help you understand this better too. If you’re too scared to talk to a real person then generally much of the information is on the internet which is easier to access. Along with this service practically every library (local or at your education provider) will have books on study skills. Try a keyword search for “study skills” and your faculty/major.

If your university doesn’t have such information available then others do have it. Here’s some links to some of the more useful school websites:

University of Victoria Learning Skills Program Handouts – I liked this article on concept maps
University of Chicago – a collection of many “virtual pamphlets” from lots of different institutions
University of Manchester – the information on self evaluation contains some useful stuff on knowing about your own learning style
Brunel University – a useful online electronic guide to “some of the best ways to study”
University of Sussex – general study-skill information
Study Guides and Strategies – not a university site but a very comprehensive site with lots of information about different ways to study for different subjects and various study systems

These are just a few of the many websites out there. A quick search of “study skills” and a university name will help you to find more.

Hope this helps.

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