My System

I’ve said before that I find it much easier to look at the organisational systems of others and adapt them to my own life than I do to read about various theories. This is a brief outline of my own personal system in the hope it helps someone.

There are three main tools I use to organise my life. Number one is my hipster PDA. This was a tool “invented” by Merlin Mann of 43Folders and isn’t very complex but is very useful. Basically a hPDA is a stack of index cards held together with a bulldog clip. I also punch holes in the top corners of mine to hold it together with a ring-clip. The second is a pack of post-it notes and the third is a notebook.

The hPDA I use to write useful information which I will need later – reference numbers for books, lists of dates I need to remember (birthdays, assignment due dates and the like).

The post-it notes are used like the hPDA but for stuff which will later be put into my notebook. I started off using the hPDA for this but discovered that having bits of cardboard scattered through my notebook was annoying. Post-it’s a good for writing on in class because there’re small and easily accessable.

The notebook I use is a square-lined A5 book from Kikki-K (in Australia). Each day I write a list of things I need to do in that day (or just in general) and cross them off as I go (original, huh?). There’s also a monthly calendar for dates and random information I need to know as well as lists of books to read, information for this blog and generally my paper life.

Between these three tools I have all the stuff I need to keep my life in order. Hope this helps!

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