Spreading out study

After starting strong at the beginning of semester I’ve slipped back into a bad habit I developed last semester – doing all my work for the week in one or two intense sessions. This has it’s advantages but it’s very stressful for those sessions and means I have trouble studying in little bits through the week. I know I should just set aside a little time each day to study but I find it quite hard to do.

This week I’ve started putting a little time away each day for study – even if it’s just one hour – but I don’t know if it will be enough. The problem is I like to have clear goals and achieve lots of things so I have trouble working if I’ve only got a relatively short amount of time. I also have a hard time getting focussed but once I do I keep focussed for a while (until I get distracted in which case I lose focus easily). I can’t be the only one out there!

If anyone’s got any suggestions I’d love to hear them and I’ll post anything I find on the web here.

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