Five study habits I wish I had:

After much reading of books and online material about how to study these are the five things I wish most I could do and some tips to help in their accomplishment.

1. Not skipping lectures
Just go to lectures. Make them a priority and refuse to not go unless ill.

2. Revising lectures after lectures
Setting aside thirty minutes at the end of each day to review the lecture notes. Putting it on a to-do list – this is something which can’t be delayed to tommorrow!

3. Reading and retaining information without taking notes
This isn’t really something which any tips or tricks which can help but a book on speed-reading from the library would go a long way.

4. Preparing for informal study groups
Again – make it a priority. Treat study groups as importantly as tutorials and prepare appropriately.

5. Ability to keep focussed and not get distracted by friends and coffee
Let the friends who generally are the distractors know that work needs to be done. Agree to have one/two/three coffees per week – whatever is a reasonable number for your situation. When you’ve had that one/two/three you can’t use it as an excuse to not study any more.

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