The benefits of prior preparation

As I type I’m trying to find out some specific dates and times when I have done things through the year (dating back to March) so I can put a time sheet in for coaching I do at my old high school. After searching through six months of old e-mails I’ve had to give in and e-mail the teacher-in-charge. All this has highlighted to me the importance of having somewhere you can put all that useful but not easily catagorised information. And made me wish that I’d had A System six months ago.

So todays tip – get a notebook, nothing fancy, and write in big letters on the front “THINGS I WILL WISH I HAD WRITTEN DOWN IN A FEW MONTHS” (or something more catchy like “IMPORTANT REFERENCE INFORMATION”). In this write down stuff like software product keys, dates and times that you need to remember, present ideas and the like. If you’ve already got a notebook put a section in it for stuff like this.


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One Comment on “The benefits of prior preparation”

  1. Very amazing site! I wish I could do something as nice as you did…mary

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