One useful thing I’ve found in my wanderings through the internet is PocketMod. This is an application (both online and offline) which allows you to print up to eight “pages” onto a piece of paper which is then folded to create a booklet.

The printing doesn’t work particularily well for A4 paper (it’s designed for letter, I believe), however the way of folding is very useful. You end up with a small booklet which is 1/8 the size of  whichever sheet of paper you started with (A7?). I’m a blank-paper kind of person so prefer mine blank (even if I could print onto it) but for those who just want to carry around a months worth of weekly calendars or six months worth of monthly calendars or eight pages of sudoku or a morse-code conversion this would be invaluable. Once when on a busy tram, a blank PocketMod became an improptu birthday “book” written by one of my more eccentric friends.

So my tip for the day? Carry a PocketMod with you at all times. You never know when you might need one and blank paper is never not-useful. Just remember not to put them through the wash or you’ll end up with a wad of a PocketMod and/or white fluffy stuff on all your clothes.

Create a PocketMod

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