Sprechen sie Deutsch?

My number one reget at uni is not learning a foreign language. Well, actually, my number one regret is not being born to parents who spoke four languages between them and who were able to teach me all four at such a young age that I didn’t have to work at it. Failing that, however, not learning one myself is a big regret.

LifeHacker has found some free(!) lessons online which look really good – Learn a second language from the Foreign Service Institute (the Foreign Service Institute is some kind of US government department, I think). The only problem is that I don’t know which language to learn! Unfortunately being an English speaker there’s no real obvious choice. I will be in Amsterdam for four days in January so maybe Dutch is worth a shot except that’s not one of the options (which are, by the way Cantonese, Chinese (standard), French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Serbo-Croation, Spanish and Turkish). I learnt German at school briefly though so I think I might give that a shot.

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One Comment on “Sprechen sie Deutsch?”

  1. shelly Says:

    i love that desk!

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