Stuff I Wish I Did…

This is a somewhat old post from LifeSpy – study tips. Most of these things are things I wish I did but don’t. Perhaps you guys will have more luck!

The three tips are:

1. Don’t put equal amount of effort into all of your subjects

2. Recover wasted time

3. Learn new lessons immediately

I’ve got the first one down (philosophy subjects have always been a lot easier to me than law) but the other two I’m not so great on. There’s a great tip under no. 2 –

Make a list of things you can do during boring classes that seem to be time-wasters. Your list may include doing your homework for other subjects, or reading a book relevant to your career path. Just make sure that you pay attention once in a while to jot down important points in the lecture.

I’ve got a couple of very boring lectures and this would really help me. The only problem is I can’t think of many things to do in the lectures without being really obvious. If I think of anything then I’ll post it but does anyone have any ideas?

Be A Super Student: Productivity Tips for School

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