Bored with your course?

Ask the Readers: Be a lifelong learner?

Yesterday LifeHacker asked it’s readers how to be a lifelong learner. If you’re bored with your course or not a student and wish you were then this is a very good way of still learning without the homework, classes and annoying lecturers (not to mention costs!) associated with formal learning. I particularily like this comment from K-Milo:

I have to say that something that motivates me to “keep on learning” is
to read or to know something about the cutting edge on your workfield
or in something that you like. So you can start thinking “how can i use
that in my life, work, family, country…”.

However I find it hard to read non-fiction when I’m at uni. In fact, I read a lot less when I’m at uni so generally I use podcasts (also suggested in the comments) and the internet during semester to learn outside of my formal classes. The number one thing I like to do, however, is to get interested in something – recently I’ve been researching a digital camera to buy for an overseas trip – and this gives me something to learn about that I’m really interested in for a little while. Even when the phase passes I’m left with residual knowledge about something I knew nothing about before.

You guys got any ideas for how to keep up the informal learning while studying?

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