Square Peg, Round Hole

One of my favourite procrastination things to do is to browse around the interneEver feel like you're trying to fit a square peg in a round hole?t looking at how others organise their lives. This, I find, gives me a wealth of knowledge that I can dip into – borrowing bits and pieces from various systems until I find the right one. It’s a bit like a kid’s toy – collecting the right components to make a square peg to fit into a square hole.

Well, that’s the theory, at least. In reality I now know lots and lots about various organisational theories but I rarely put them into practice in any productive way. This ends up more like play-dough being squished into said hole really making a mess but getting the job done. This week, however, I’ve just found a fantastic notebook and also some really good ideas and I think (*knocks on wood*) that I’ve found a system that might just work.

I’ll post a bit later about my current systems both organisational and also study-related but for the moment I will pose a question – how do you organise your organisation? Do you read a book (Getting Things Done springs to mind although I haven’t read it) and follow it to the letter, invent your own system or, like me, take a little from here, a little from there and mash it all together to fit in your life?

While writing this I am reminded of this post I stumbled across on Douglas Johnston’s blog, A Million Monkeys Typing which outlines various types of organisers (as in those who organise). It’s a bit old (four whole months!) but still relevant.


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