Come one, come all…

I’m a BIG fan of productivity p0rn websites – 43folders, Lifehacker, D*I*Y Planner and the like – but, as but a poor and lowly student, many of the posts on their sites are not entirely relevant to me because I really don’t get that many e-mails, spend that much time on the computer or have a complex 9-5 job which requires me to deal with my boss, colleagues and clients and some how account for all this time. As such, The Potential Blog will (hopefully) become my own personal site for student related productivity stuff. As I am a student, however, I can’t promise constant or consistent updates. If something interesting is posted on the 10 or so other blogs I read which I think is student-related or can be hacked into something for students I will post it and also if there’s ever anything interesting I think of or find on the net. Also, if I ever actually get any readers then I’ll take suggestions and people can submit articles of their own, e-mail me at

Anyway, a little about me. I’m a student in Australia studying Arts/Law. This is, for everyone who doesn’t understand the Australian university system, an undergraduate double degree from which I will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (as in humanities) and a Law Degree (which is inexplicably – to me at least – abbreviated to LLB). As of a few weeks ago I was officially halfway through! Only 2.5 years to go. One of the other reasons I began this blog is because many, many websites deal with UK/EU/US issues (Where can x be bought? Can someone suggest a good x in my area? etc.) and in Australia (and the rest of the world – NZ, Asia, Africa…) we miss out on a lot of this stuff but we still have some really cool stuff. As such most prices will be in AU$ but I will use US$ as well (and indicate which is being used).

Thus endeth the first blog post. Feel free to e-mail me/leave a comment but at this stage I really doubt that I’m going to get any readers! 🙂

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8 Comments on “Come one, come all…”

  1. Josh Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed some of your posts. I agree with the point about 43 Folders and Lifehacker. I’m a fan of both sites but so much of that simply doesn’t apply to me. Good work.

  2. Thanks. I’d really love for this site to become as useful as I find 43folders and Lifehacker for other students becuase we really do have different organisational requirements to the rest of society. If you’ve ever got any suggestions or tips of stuff you would like to see here send me an e-mail ( ).

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